Wing Ding 42

Springfield, MO - June 29 - July 3, 2021

Wing Ding is the ultimate Honda Gold Wing & Touring Bike convention! Hosted by GWRRA at different locations across the United States every year, the rides to Wing Ding as well as unique atmospheres are unforgettable. Come join us for a motorcycle convention unlike any other, where you can enjoy the company of friends with live entertainment in a beautiful location, learn more about motorcycle safety, discover all the latest products for your bike, and even test drive a new one.


Americade 2021

Lake George, NY - September 21 - September 25, 2021

The 38th annual Americade Motorcycle Touring Rally is moving from early June to the week of September 21-25, according to Christian Dutcher, Americade’s director. The additional three months of time should provide more confidence that the event will happen for Americade’s motorcycle industry partners, Expo vendors, attendees, and Lake George businesses.



Though we have a variety of educational courses and seminars, at Chapter ON-Y we focus on three main aspects of motorcycle safety:

  1. ARC - Road Captains: Certified training to become the leader of a ride group.

  2. PLP - Parking Lot Practice: On-bike training to facilitate in-class learning.

  3. First Aid/CPR: You can get first aid certified with the GWRRA.


In-Class Seminars

To teach the basics of motorcycle ownership and riding, we run in-class seminars for our members. We run and facilitate courses and training seminars that teach you how to ride safely on your own and in groups so that you can have a great run every time.

More than just teaching fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, we also offer seminars and training to our 'four-wheeled' friends to spread safe driving and traffic on the road and promote awareness of motorcycles on the roads.


On-Bike Training

Training isn't complete without real-world experience. That's why we offer on-bike training and various road courses, supporting your development and ensuring that what you learn in class works on the road.

With education, knowledge, and safety at the core of our organization, we strongly believe in offering the best, most comprehensive selection of courses and training to our members so they can enjoy the road safely, both on their own and as a group.



As you may know, the weather has a significant effect on your riding experience. Come out to learn with us how to handle the bike on slippery roads.


Proper maintenance is imperative for helping your bike ride smooth and last long. We can teach you about proper bike maintenance in our courses.


Taking care of yourself and your passenger is the most important thing while on the bike. Learn new riding techniques with us today.


Our Annual Events


International Motor Show (IMS)

At the IMS, we get to showcase our organization and show off what we do year-round.

Wing Ding.png

Wing Ding

A GWRRA-wide gathering of thousands of our members from all across North America.



The Region-K gathering of GWRRA members each summer where we do fun activities and games together!


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